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In the paintings of Lars Høeg matter is never immediately visible. The process of painting is one of concealing rather than one of producing.

"Surrealism is not radical enough", the painter claims. The unconscious, if that be the conventional name for this alien entity, is not granted any adequate images, merely recognizable fragments of form.

Action is introvert. This thesis seems corroborated: surface fades, as if the canvas is drained of its strength by this Invisible.

Thus the usually unaffected spectator of art, on exposing himself to these paintings, risks being absorbed by their introvert movement. Some other power grasps him and eventually drags him along to devour him elsewhere. The cunning of the painting has proved effective.

Lars Høeg Siciliensgade 8, 4. tv DK - 2300 Copenhagen S +45 28 26 54 35 larshoeg